Best Weapons For The Apocalypse

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Your preferred method of self-defense amid the apocalypse may be immediately apparent.

However, you can select the ideal one for you by learning about the many possibilities, determining the type of survival situation you are most likely to encounter, and finally, practicing with the weapon in question.

A handgun in a person's hands - Best Weapons For The Apocalypse

What are the Strongest Weapons for it?

There are four types of strong weapons a survivalist can pick from, although having at least one of each is recommended. Each of your four weapons consists of the following:


Hand Guns

The most popular choice is obviously going to be the handgun. It’s compact, has a user-friendly interface, and can be worn in a variety of holsters. So when you’re feeling threatened, you may immediately whip it out and assume control of the situation.


Long Guns

However, the force delivered by a rifle or shotgun is substantially greater than that of a handgun. Long guns can dispatch large game like moose and bear, slaughter animals humanely, or wipe out a horde of undead.

Shotguns can be loaded with either a buckshot, which has a tremendous effect on any threat at close range or a slug round, which is effective against the large game at greater ranges.

For hunting animals that are quickly spooked and difficult to get near, a rifle’s ability to kill prey from distances of over a hundred yards is invaluable.



However, a knife can perform more tasks than any other tool. It can be used as a defensive tool for cutting and chopping in bushwhacking, building, and in the kitchen.

The choice between one knife and two is close, but I’d go with two knives. Each would serve a different purpose: one as a weapon and one as a kitchen implement.


Bow and Arrows

Last but not least, at a distance, a bow and arrows can be quite effective while remaining practically silent. When using a bow, you can stalk your prey without drawing attention to yourself.

In addition, a bow and arrow allows you to shoot accurately and then retrieve your projectiles. Some people also find that hunting with a bow is more “natural,” but it does require more practice and ability than using a gun.


How to Pick the Perfect Weapon for it?

It’s not enough to choose a good weapon or even the coolest weapon in order to survive the apocalypse; you need the BEST weapon possible. A number of considerations complicate the selection of a weapon.

Your shelter’s capacity for storing said weapon, the portability and weight of said weapon while you’re on the go, the noise level of said weapon, etc.


Top 5 Apocalypse Weapons

There are many weapons out there to choose from when considering your choices for apocalypse survival. But here are the top five.



It’s just as crucial to have a handgun on hand as it is to have a long gun (like a shotgun) for the advantage of distance.

A semi-automatic handgun is a good choice when you’re a safe distance away from your target but still need an additional offensive option. Additionally, plenty of possibilities are available to accessorize pistols to make them excellent anti-zombie tools.


Long guns

Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are both included in the category of “long guns.” The barrel length and ammunition used are the key identifiers between the two.

Semi-automatic rifles have a grooved inner barrel surface that spins the bullet in a spiral, providing more accuracy than shotguns at extended ranges.

Shotguns can fire either slug rounds or buckshot, and their barrels are polished on the inside.

Slugs are huge, thick bullets roughly the size of a roll of nickels, while buckshot is a cartridge full of numerous little lead or steel pellets. From a greater distance, slug shots will be more effective.



The ESEE-6 Fixed-Blade Knife by Rowen is a top choice for survival knives. This knife is great for self-defense, woodworking, and the kitchen.

It’s a big, bad knife, but the sheath it comes with allows you to carry it comfortably against your thigh. In addition, the 12-ounce blade feels perfectly balanced in hand.

You can split wood with the 1095 high-carbon steel blade. The blade has a textured powder coating made from a unique powder blend that provides increased durability and protection from corrosion.



A crossbow may seem like an unusual weapon for self-defense during the apocalypse’s first week. Please hold off till your shotgun is empty. The crossbow is a stealthy killing machine that can deliver pinpoint accuracy every time.

The Middle Ages saw the first widespread use of crossbows. It’s a kind of projectile weapon, albeit the bolts it fires aren’t quite the same as arrows.

Strong and accurate aims are essential while utilizing a crossbow. In addition, this weapon only fires once and takes an extremely long time to reload.

In general, crossbows are effective weapons, especially when used from a favorable vantage point (such as rooftops or windows).



The machete can be used as a cutting implement or as a lethal weapon. The blades, which resemble a cleaver, measure between 12.8 and 24 inches in length. Wood, dense plants, rainforest undergrowth, and meat are all suitable targets for its blade.

A zombie’s skull can be slashed open in one or more swings, depending on your strength and the blade’s quality. You may strike with more power and precision with two hands on the machete.

The machete may be used as both a weapon and a tool due to its versatility and durability. As the sun rises, you can use it to cut through wood or barricades; as the sun sets, you can slay zombies.


Weapons with the Best Quality

When choosing a weapon in the apocalypse, you’re going to want quality. So here are a few weapons with the best quality.


Air Powered Arrow Rifle

With the introduction of the Crosman Airbow, the border between assault rifles and crossbows has become increasingly blurry. This 8-shot air bow shoots arrows at 425 FPS from a rifle-like pistol and is controlled with just two fingers.


ESEE-6 Fixed-Blade Knife

As mentioned earlier, a popular option for those looking for a survival knife is the Rowen ESEE-6 Fixed-Blade Knife.

A versatile tool, this knife excels in the kitchen, on the job site, and in self-defense. The included sheath makes it easy to conceal the large knife against the thigh. In addition, there is no heaviness or lightness to the 12-ounce blade.



A shotgun is the weapon of choice for blowing up zombie heads unless you happen to be an expert marksman. For the large margin of error needed to successfully strike your target in close-quarters fighting, a shotgun is a necessity.

Include a shotgun shell holder, either on the side of the saddle or the buttstock, whether you go with a pump or semi-automatic action. The ammunition capacity of several types of shotguns is infamously low.


Glock 19

When looking for a reasonably priced self-defense option, the Glock 19 is a solid pick. It is the standard issue weapon for the police and the armed forces.

This weapon can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and has a low learning curve. Parts are easy to find if you want to accessorize or buy replacement parts.

The Glock 19’s trigger contains safety to prevent it from firing accidentally. In total, this firearm can hold up to 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition, with one round already in the chamber. In the bundle, you will find two 15-round magazines.


Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 is an excellent rifle option due to its user-friendliness. Unlike a shotgun, you won’t experience a significant recoil. This firearm can be purchased with either a 10-round or 30-round magazine.


Weapons You Need to Avoid

As many choices there are for a good apocalypse weapon, there are a few options that you should avoid altogether.



This option may seem cool, but it is very impractical as an apocalypse weapon. First, it would be difficult to keep it loaded with enough fuel so that it could be used frequently.

You’re putting yourself even more dangerous since you’re lighting zombies on fire as they march toward you.



An ax could be useful in theory because it can be used to chop through obstacles, but in practice, it is too cumbersome to be of any help in combat.

If you need to get through doors, a crowbar is preferable because swinging one in a crowded area is tiring, and carrying it is cumbersome.


5–6 shooter Revolvers

Any gun with low capacity isn’t a good choice for an apocalypse. These guns have been criticized for being ineffective against drug-addicted intruders, so we can assume they would prove completely useless in the apocalypse.


Anything Large and Heavy

In the apocalypse, carrying capacity is everything. You don’t want anything that takes up valuable space or something that weighs you down.

In the event of an apocalypse, it could mean the difference between survival and death.


Final Thoughts on Best Weapons For The Apocalypse

People like to speculate what weapons they would prefer if the world as we know it was to suddenly crumble.

But if that were to become a reality, it’s wise to know what you need in order to survive and the best weapons to keep with you during the apocalypse, along with weapons to avoid so that you keep yourself alive.