How Long Does Morton Salt Last?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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alt grThe only type of salt with an endless shelf life is coarse natural salt, which comes from the trace minerals that are left over after water from lakes and oceans evaporates. 

However, due to the presence of elements such as iodine that have a role in regulating your thyroid, table salt gets spoiled after approximately five years.

Salt grains on a surface - How Long Does Morton Salt Last?

Does Salt Expire at All?

Iodine-containing salt products and seasonings that include additional components such as spices, colors, and flavors are examples of things that can go bad despite the fact that salt itself does not perish.


Is Salt Poisonous to Microbes?

Because of its influence on osmolarity, or the pressure of the water, excessive salt levels are toxic to most bacteria, but not all. 

In addition, because water may easily pass across the spaces between cells in their surroundings, solutes like salt have the same concentration on both sides of a cell.


How Can Salt Go Bad?

Under some conditions, salt may be of such poor quality that it is better to throw it away than utilize it.

Although salt can last a very long time, it can still go bad in certain situations. For example, if water gets to the salt, it can clump and go hard, making it unusable.


How Can You Tell if it Has Gone Bad?

Suppose there were a significant number of dead insects within the box. If you have a problem with insects in your pantry, you might find some of them in the salt container. If you notice any evidence of an infestation, you should throw it away.

Suppose there is a big, solid mass of salt. If water got into the salt and it solidified into a clump that can’t be broken up without smashing it against a hard surface, it’s probably better to just get rid of it.

Suppose there is an unusual odor to the salt. Any unusual aromas emanating from your salt indicate that it has picked up a flavor from another ingredient or the cooking process. 


How Should You Store it?

Storing salt is the same as storing other spices like chili powder or pepper. A cool, dry place is all that’s required, and if it’s near something with a strong odor, it should be sealed well.

While it’s fine to store unopened packages in the pantry, keeping opened packages in the kitchen is more convenient. You can put some away later or transfer it to a beautiful, airtight salt jar.


Final Thoughts on How Long Does Morton Salt Last

Salt can last almost indefinitely. But you should still take care when storing it if you want to keep it in the best condition. 

Keep a look out for pantry bugs since you wouldn’t want to use salt with dead bugs in the packaging. You should also keep your salt away from water to avoid clumping. So, although salt is long-lasting, it can still go bad. So keep a lookout for any signs of this.