Kynar Bags vs. Mylar Bags

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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Let us get a little context here: Mylar bags are created from a space technology that is used as blankets and protective barriers against solar radiation for ships and astronaut suits.

Kynar bags are made of a simple, transparent polypropylene, more specifically, Polyvinylidene Fluoride Resin (PVDF).

Kynar bags, better known as PVDF bags, are for gas sampling purposes that span innumerable different scientific fields, business needs, government applications, and much more.

Mylar bags have been introduced to the public and are used for storing items long term to sell products to be consumed in shorter amounts of time.


What are the Similarities?

The similarities are actually quite abundant, let us take a transparent Mylar bag and a Kynar bag, and each allows the consumer to see what is stored within the packaging.

In addition, both of these bag types will be able to protect items inside from UV and sunlight damage, which is a major plus when it comes to protecting foods and potentially explosive gasses.

Another similarity will be the ease with which these bags will be produced. As a result, neither will be overly expensive to create and are cost-effective solutions for scientific-based work but also in other business-oriented industries.


What are the Differences?

The first and obvious difference will be the purposes for which these two types of bags are used.

Kynar bags are exclusively used for gas sampling purposes, which can be used in science labs and in other industries that utilize gasses for functions.

Mylar bags are not as strict in their uses, and there are many different products and foods that can be stored in these types of bags.

Another stark difference will be in the styles and designs in which mylar bags can be creatively customized and produced, to which the transparent materials used for Kynar bags will not have the same flexibility.


Pros and Cons: Kynar bags vs. Mylar bags

When it comes to the issues with the Kynar bag, it would be in the limited uses in which these bags are and can be used. The pro will be the amazing efficiency of these bags when it comes to collecting and testing gasses, and there is no better product at this point in time.

The pro for Mylar bags will be in the incredible versatility and durability of these products, from which everything from dried plant matter to long-term food storage can benefit.

The cons will be the difficulty that many consumers have had when vacuum sealing these bags and the ineffectiveness of the technology in getting all of the air out of the packaging.


Which One is Easier to Maintain?

This will have to be the Mylar bag, and when it comes to the maintenance needs of the Kynar bag, there is a need for puncture protection as well as any blunt force that may cause popping.

So then you have the Mylar bags, which at the right thickness, can be basically indestructible.

You can put dry goods, dry beans, and similar products in these Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber for an absolute vacuum seal, then stick them into storage with relative peace of mind.

Then the maintenance will be limited to keeping the room at a constant temperature, low humidity, and safe from weather elements.


Which One Lasts Longer?

When it comes to durability, there is no comparison between these two bag types. Mylar bags are basically indestructible, and these mylar products have fulfilled many long-term storage needs.

Then you have the Kynar gas-sampling bags, which are fairly fragile compared to the Mylar bags with a thickness of over five mils and are intended to be used for brief periods to complete tests on the gasses being used in the experiment.

This makes it rather clear that the Mylar bags will be the product that will stand the test of time.


Final Thoughts on Kynar bags vs. Mylar bags

The Kynar bag, or Polyvinylidene Fluoride Resin (PVDF), are very specialized bags that perform at a very high level.

Mylar bags are just the crème of the crop when it comes to specialized bags that have the flexibility to accommodate multiple industries but also those prepping families and individuals who take a certain amount of pride in being prepared during a disaster.

If you are a homeowner, a few situations will require you to purchase one of these Kynar bags unless you are looking for a final piece for a child’s science project. Otherwise, enjoy the flexibility that is the Mylar bag.