Are Mylar Bags Being Banned?

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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There will be folks that will use the odor-protection and opaque thicker mylar materials for illegal materials. This does not mean that the bags are being federally banned, nor at any state level, but Amazon has put out a restriction for those looking to sell on their platform.

The Mylar materials must be thin enough to be clear or single-colored. This was put in place at the end of the 2022 year and holds today.

As for anything concerning a complete ban, there is word out there that major e-commerce companies will be banning certain types of Mylar bags.

A white mylar bag - Are these Being Banned?

Are Mylar Bags FDA Approved?

The FDA, or federal Food and Drug Administration, was created in order to protect United States citizens from being poisoned or consuming unhealthy toxic products.

As for their decision on Mylar bags, they are considered to be food-grade-able and approved material (except in the case of static shielding bags).

In addition to the FDA, there are other administrations around the globe that approve of the Mylar bag for food storage and other industrial uses. This includes the European Food Safety Authority, which states that Mylar materials are non-toxic when used as intended.


Are Mylar Bags Toxic?

There are no tests done or agencies that have labeled the Mylar materials as toxic. So to get approved by the FDA and EFSA, the material would have to be food safe enough to eat off or out of.

This makes the Mylar bag a great choice when it comes to short- and long-term food storage needs, and it can handle dry goods and dried fruits, vegetables, or jerked meats, to name a few.

The materials are actually quite adapted to protecting their contents from the sun and its UV and radioactive rays, the heat and cold temperatures of the outdoors, but also shield the products from moisture and air damage.


Why is There a Ban on Mylar Bags?

There is news that many illegal movements of goods have been able to be executed because of the privacy and odor-shielding abilities of Mylar bags. This will mean that a person will be able to claim an item is approved but will be shipping the illegal materials.

Larger e-commerce companies, like Amazon, are already acting on this information and have begun restricting the kinds of Mylar bags that will be approved to be shipped through their company’s services.

This does not mean that you will not be able to purchase the bags, just not able to ship anything inside one of these bags without it being clear or of a single transparent-like color.


Are all Mylar Bags Going to Be Banned?

Let me repeat what was written earlier in the article, you will be able to purchase any size, shape, and color of Mylar bags from just about any outlet source.

But major e-commerce rules are beginning to restrict the types of Mylar bags that will be approved for shipping through their private services.

Again, this is because some people have been using Mylar bags to ship illegal contents through their services without the company’s knowledge.

These sorts of protections have a knack for becoming a legislative topic, leading the government branches to formulate a bill and pass a law preventing this type of illegal activity.


When Will Mylar Bags Become Banned?

There is no definitive date, but what can be said is that there are motions currently acting to make restrictions on the types of Mylar bags that will be approved for business logistics and use for e-commerce.

So do not fret. Most Mylar bags will fit in a USPS (United States Postal Service) envelope. Just make sure you’re not shipping anything illegally.

The best course of action will be to keep watch on the topic as it unfolds and make preparations for the worst-case scenario, which is a total ban on the Mylar Bag.


Final Thoughts on Are Mylar Bags Being Banned

Mylar bags are an extremely effective tool when it comes to food storage and provide long and short-term storage options. They protect against the elements and shield moisture and pests to keep dry goods, such as beans and rice, safe for longer periods.

They just so happen to be so good at what they do that criminals have learned how to use these bags to ship their illegal contents without fear of exposure.

When this happens, history tells us that laws will soon be followed to restrict usage to prevent illegal activities and to catch the bad guys in the act.

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