Best Oxygen Absorbers for Mylar Bags

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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For those wondering, using oxygen absorbers is the best option to keep oxygen and moisture out of the inside of the mylar bags. This will prevent any molding or other moisture-caused damage that can take place inside the Mylar bag.

The top-selling brands of oxygen absorbers will not just belong to a single company but be spread about the market and will include companies like Wallaby, 02frepak, to name a few.

Each has been proven to help the Mylar bags preserve food for longer periods, upwards of five to ten years.

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Are All Oxygen Absorbers the Same?

Not all oxygen absorbers are created equal, but most are going to have elements of sodium and small traces of iron. Some of these packets come with iron in the form of a powder, and others will have a material closer to steel wool.

Then you will have some of the iron-free options that will be made: ascorbic acids, activated carbon, types of sodium carbonates, and diatomaceous earth.

In short, there will be many different options when it comes to finding a solution for ridding packaging of air and moisture in the bags that have already been sealed.


What Size Oxygen Absorbers Do You Need for Mylar Bags?

There will be different needs concerning the size of the mylar bag and what is being stored inside. However, as a general rule, three hundred CC absorbers will be for the most common size Mylar bags which will be around twenty-five cm by forty cm.

The largest sizes will need the two thousand cc-sized packets, which oxygen absorbers rarely come in sizes larger than this.

Smaller sizes will use the fifty cc sizes. Just know that there will be enough oxygen absorbers, whether individually or in combination with other packets, to cover the needs of any Mylar bag food storage projects.


How Do You Choose Which One You Need?

For the most part, the size of the Mylar bag and its contents are kept inside the packaging. However, as mentioned earlier in this article, certain cc sizes will fit the larger bags (two thousand ccs) and smaller bags (fifty ccs).

In addition to these elements, you will need to factor in any allergy sensitivity or ingredients chemically reacting together, such as iron and the oxidation process.

For example, some contents will not mix well with sodium or iron, or some of the other ingredients used to make the oxygen absorber packets.


How Do You Know If Your Oxygen Absorber is Good?

There will be a few checks that you can perform that will tell you if an oxygen absorber is working or ready to work inside the packaging itself.

If you are testing a package of these items, the best test will be to take a single packet and see if the oxygen absorber warms up in a timely fashion.

Otherwise, the only other way to test the effectiveness of these packets will be to see if there is any air in the vacuum-sealed Mylar bags, which can be tested with simple pressure or pinching.


Should Oxygen Absorbers be Hard or Soft?

If you have an Oxygen Absorber that is hard, then you have one that has been used and has likely been depleted completely. You will want to use a different packet or replace this absorber with a fresh one.

When you buy a brand-new package of oxygen absorbers, the packets should be soft enough so that you can feel the powder if you roll it between the index finger and thumb.

Like salt packets, you find at most sit-down restaurants, pinch one for comparison, and you will have a good idea of what an oxygen absorber packet should feel like.


Final Thoughts on Best Oxygen Absorbers for Mylar bags 

As you begin to start packaging ingredients, dry goods, or other items inside the Mylar bags, you will find that certain ingredients will not react well with certain oxygen absorbing materials.

To avoid this, do additional research on what you are going to be storing.

Otherwise, Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers will come in kits that will have all the appropriate sizes and pairs to get you started in the right direction.

Otherwise, just think the higher number cc rating will cover the bigger-sized Mylar bags, and lower ccs will cover the smaller ones.

If there are any doubts, contact the distributors and manufacturers, and engage local business minds for consultation on packets and Mylar bag pairings.

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