Best Places to Live When SHTF – Make a Plan To Be In One of These Places

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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There are so many places to live when doomsday approaches us, and they all offer their fair share of resources that can be crucial to our survival. So where should you go? 

Where should you not go? When should you go? Let’s talk about everything you need to know when deciding where you’ll retreat to when doomsday approaches us.

Bunker on a sandy beach - one of the best places to live in when SHTF

Where are the best places to live when SHTF?

There are not only great locations all around the world fit for doomsday preppers but also great spaces within the United States. 

Here we’ve listed some international locations as well as some locations within the United States to look into when deciding where you should begin prepping. 


International Locations For Doomsday:

  • Antarctica: unlikely to be affected by war, avoid if climate change becomes increasingly worse.
  • The Isle Of Lewis, North Atlantic Ocean: a plethora of natural resources, isolated area, unlikely to be invaded.
  • Tierra Del Fuego, South America: unlikely to be hit by nuclear fallout, unlikely to be invaded.
  • Yukon, Canada: hunting, trapping, river commute, hard winters.


United States Locations For Doomsday:

  • The Dakotas: farming, largest prepping communities, has one of the largest bunkers in the world.
  • Montana: low population, known as a survivalist state, however, is in a shot of a nearby supervolcano located in the Wyoming area of Yellowstone National Park.
  • Washington: average population, good water quality, and area for cultivation. Avoid the Seattle area.
  • Idaho: low population, low levels of pollution, gun-friendly.


Why be in these places when SHTF?

It’s ideal to be in places that are not only safe and rural but also can provide you with essentials you might need, such as clean water, good hunting and trapping, and a good cultivation rate. 

These places are also ideal for avoiding militia and actual military bases that might pose a threat to you.


When should you try to get to these places when things go south?

Many people will pre-plan, and while it’s good to get to these places as soon as possible, states like Montana already have an actual market perfect for doomsday prepping. 

At the same time, those people who are or have already created a safe space for doomsday prefer to be anonymous and remain in unknown locations.

If you do not want to prepare in advance or cannot afford to, it’s important to have at least a stash of things to use for survival on hand that you can take with you want to commute to the place you want to go. 

These include tents, sustainable foods that will last you long periods of time, fire starts, and so much more.


What places should you avoid?

While there are many great places out there, there are also places you should avoid. These places all have characteristics that we should keep in mind. 

Characteristics include areas with extreme populations or civilizations—for example, bigger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Houston are all places you will definitely want to avoid.

It would be best if you also avoided places where it may be hard to begin cultivation for a food source, such as dry areas that are known to have droughts in some areas such as California, Nevada, or Arizona. 

Unless you have somehow configured how to have a working air conditioner at your prepper location – surely you’ll want to avoid these places anyways. 


Final thoughts on where to go when SHTF

You will find great places to retreat to not just within the United States but around the world. These include locations such as Montana or Antarctica. 

Of course, every location has its own perks and setbacks, which is why it’s important to understand what the land you are retreating to can offer. 

Getting to these places in time can be crucial, and it’s important to know how serious things are when commuting to these rural areas. 

Avoid places with mass populations and civilizations, as well as locations that have military bases, especially when traveling to your desired location.


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