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Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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Mylar was designed to help the space program defend itself against heat loss and the sun’s radioactive bombardment when in space. Since then, many private industry manufacturers have taken the material and created emergency or survival sleeping bags. 

One of the leaders in the sleeping bag industry, Bivy has improved on their iconic Bivy Sack with the S.O.L. (Survive Outdoors Longer) Emergency Bivy.

S.O.L. Emergency Bivy boasts a lightweight three-point-eight ounce long with a ninety percent body heat retention percentage, water and wind proofing, and tear-resistant materials. 

How Many Mylar Sleeping Bag Types are There?

When it comes to brands, there are going to be more than you might expect. Of course, we have already mentioned Bivy and their emergency sleeping sack. 

However, there are far more manufacturers of these emergency space technology sleeping bags than just one, and below is a list of some of them:

  • Black Mountain Products — Spring Grove, Illinois
  • EVERLIT Survival – United States Based
  • Ready Hour – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • TITAN Survival – Modesto, California
  • Survive Outdoors Longer – White Mountains, New Hampshire
  • Original Defense – Dover, Delaware
  • Don’t Die in the Woods – United States Based


How to Pick Which One is the Best for You?

There are going to be as many opinions about which brand to purchase from and who is reliable. Picking will inevitably come down to preference in where to shop. 

Certain outdoor gear outlet stores will have products that they stand behind. The best course of action would be to talk to these knowledgeable folks at the outdoor stores to get an idea of which is quality. 

When it comes to Mylar products, there will be mention of thin materials, which usually means tears and rips; the key in this situation is to find a sleeping bag that will stand up to the natural elements and environmental features that could cause punctures or rip. 


Which One is Sold the Most?

There are going to be a few ways to look at this question when you look at; a company named Swiss Safe carries around thirteen thousand reviews with an average of four-point-seven out of five-star ratings. 

Likewise, eBay has Bivy Sacks and Ever Ready First Aid brand Mylar emergency sleeping bags as featured best selling products.

As far as locating a few hot sellers, we find O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) offering a package with Survival Mylar Foil Emergency Sleeping bag with carrying cases.

And besides the aforementioned companies, there will be many that swear by A.S.R. (All Season Resources) reusable Thermal Mylar Emergency sleeping blanket.  


Which Materials on a Sleeping Bag are the Best for Survival?

When it comes to the need for a sleeping bag, it will need to be warm and retain body heat, but it also needs to be comfortable enough to sleep in. 

Emergency Mylar sleeping bags do not need to be soft, comfortable, or even eye appealing, these survival pieces of equipment provide a means by which to survive harsh, sudden weather and emergency injury-related survival situations. 

The Mylar and Aluminum combination is hard to beat, in the fact that the thin metallic layer will shield out radiation and U.V. rays from the sun.

But also provided is the Mylar layer’s ability to retain ninety percent body heat, which makes it by far the most valuable material when it comes to this survival piece of equipment. 


Are There Any Survival Sleeping Bag Types You should Avoid?

When it comes to emergency survival sleeping bags, it is easy to get caught up in a good price. The truth is, there are going to be many different brands and manufacturers that create similar products to Mylar sleeping bags but use other materials. 

Granted, some of these products will be considered equal to Mylar, but when it comes to heat retention, you can hardly do better than the space technology material. 

It is best to avoid non-Mylar emergency blankets and sleeping bags when it comes to first aid or emergency situation survival kits. 

Otherwise, taking other kinds of down-filled sleeping bags on outdoor excursions and camping trips will be okay. 


Final Thoughts on Best Survival Mylar Sleeping Bags

There is no room for making mistakes in emergencies, especially concerning wilderness injury or hypothermia. It would not be recommended to go with products that are known to be outperformed by the Mylar emergency space blankets and sleeping bags. 

At least have one of these affordable emergency pieces of gear along, just in case of more serious situations. When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, there is a large responsibility to be ready for all possible outcomes and any emergency events.  


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