Black vs. Silver Mylar Bags

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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When you think about tinting on windows or even on beverages, they are purposely colored in order to shield out the sunlight or to encourage other properties.

Thinking about the Mylar bag in this way will cast the reasoning for the different thicknesses, color schemes, and other design differences between companies and products.

Silver or foil pouch mylar bags will be thinner and normally used to store dry goods and for less rigorous activities, such as a hike or for a snack during the day.

Black Mylar bags will be better for heavier-duty tasks and for items that require shielding from the outside elements or sunlight.

A mylar bag - Black vs. Silver Mylar Bags.

What are the Similarities?

Both of these products will be made with the mylar quality storage and sealed packaging that we have become accustomed to.

In addition, these two package types will have an opaque lining, which will shield the sun and prevent any UV or other solar damage that can be done to the product inside.

Major similarities will be in the packaging materials but also in the industries in which these two colors of mylar are used. Most of them are in the food, dry goods, and even the toy industries; the convenience of these bags is unmatched at this point in history.


What are the Differences?

To begin, besides the difference between silver and black as color, these packages are going to be of different thicknesses. Foil pouches are used for quick use purposes, light duty when storing items, and can be punctured, easier than the thicker black mylar designs.

The darker mylar bags will be for longer-term storage needs, such as for prepper needs, including storing dry goods, dry foods, and other essentials that will be needed for disaster situations.

These bags will also be good for longer outdoor excursions or road trips, just to name a few ways to fully utilize these bags.


Pros and Cons: Black vs. Silver Mylar Bags

When you examine the thin packaging of the foil silver mylar bags, there is a sense of needing to keep the sharp objects away from them; similar to the durability of a zip-loc bag, the con is going to be the puncturing risk of these products.

The pro is the lightweight design and the recyclable nature of the materials used to produce these forms of mylar bags.

The pros for the darker, thicker bags will be the durability and a lessened sense of risk when it comes to punctures. These bags are indestructible and provide a nice peace of mind.

The cons will be the black bags will absorb heat, which could be bad for certain products that need to be somewhat moist to be of top quality.


Which One is Easier to Maintain?

This would seem to be in favor of the thicker bags, which can last for decades and preserve products inside for upwards of fifty-plus years.

However, you will have to check in on the products and maintain the storage area to keep pests, natural and weather elements, and other risks from entering the storage area.

When it comes to the foil silver mylar bags, there is going to be the knowledge that these packages are not meant to last very long.

Instead, they are to be used quickly and then recycled, to be used again and again, which requires little to no maintenance, just usage and recycling.


Which one Lasts Longer?

As we move past the simple steps that allow the thicker bags to stay in storage for longer periods with simple but constant maintenance needs, we can see they will last upwards of fifty years.

Unfortunately, the recycling process for these products is not as easy as it is with the foil versions of mylar, though not non-existent.

Therefore, it would be better to say that the foil silver mylar bags last longer because they can be recycled many times over. It would not be unusual for consumers to end up with the same bag used earlier but recycled and repurposed.


Final Thoughts on Black vs Silver Mylar Bags

Think about it like this, both of these bags will have uses that make them the better selection by a consumer or prepper.

The thinner silver foil pouch mylar bags are perfect for daily use needs, quick traveling, and packaging uses, and require only recycling to remain sustainable.

The thicker black mylar bags are perfect for storing items like rice, dry beans, and flour for longer-term needs. These bags are nearly indestructible and need to be considered a one-time item, which can last for over fifty-plus years.

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