Can You Put Mylar Bags in the Freezer?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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As if to find the one flaw of the Mylar bag, it is too extreme, meaning that the extremely cold environment of the freezer will not be friendly towards the material.

For short-term storage needs, like a day, there are no issues for the Mylar bags; when you keep a bag in the freezer for an extended period, the material becomes brittle and almost certain to puncture or tear.

In order to get the best from your Mylar bags, you should store those dry goods in a room that can stay at a stable temperature of between sixty-five and seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

A metallic silver color mylar bag - can you put it in the freezer?

How Long Can Bags Stay in a freezer?

There is no definitive day on which you should remove the bags, but as a general guideline to follow, do not keep the Mylar in the freezer for more than an overnight recipe or a few days. Otherwise, do not do it.

Instead, find a freezer-safe option or specially designed Mylar product with freezer-deigned changes to compensate for standard bags’ issues in colder environments.

These specialized bags will provide the long-term storage abilities that the dry goods cousins provide for warmer climates. Note the specialized bags will be more expensive, as a helpful reminder.


Can you Freeze all Types of Food in Mylar Bags?

The standard Mylar bags, especially the thinner materials, will have issues in the freezer and colder environments.

Freezer bags will be a better option, and there are specially designed types of Mylar-like bags that can handle the cold and also provide protection for the contents inside.

As far as the foods that can be frozen, like meats and vegetables, will have other options for storage outside of the Mylar bag. Simply put, you can use a Mylar bag to freeze a food item, but there are better options for freezer-bound foods.


Can a Freezer Damage Mylar Bags?

The freezer’s cold environment is designed to preserve foods in a sort of cryogenic stasis. Therefore, the cold temperatures will make the mylar material brittle the longer the bag is exposed to the freezer’s environment.

This creates a higher likelihood that a puncture or tearing action will occur. This is why, as mentioned above, it is recommended that the use of Mylar bags in the freezer be limited to a few days at tops.

There are better options on the market for frozen foods, including the Zip-loc bag and Tupperware, which protect foods from freezer burn and from becoming inedible.


Will you be Able to Reuse Mylar bags after storing them in the Freezer? 

Another issue comes from using a Mylar bag in the freezer. The risk of puncture or other damage to the packaging increases the longer the items stay in the cold.

That being said, if the storage time in the freezer is limited, the Mylar bags are more likely to be damage free and reused for another purpose.

To be certain, a quick check will need to take place, simply for any cracks or punctures, and consider placing the Mylar bags inside a freezer-safe container, and this could be the solution to the cold foods staying cool when stored inside a Mylar bag.


How Can You Tell If Your Mylar Bag is Damaged?

A simple cleaning step is the most effective way to check for damage. For example, when cleaning out the inside of the Mylar bag, keep an eye out for any leaks of jets of water, which might reveal a hole or puncture in the layering of the package.

Otherwise, combing the material’s surface for any cuts or scratches will suffice in locating any significant damage that compromises the bag’s ability to preserve the product.

Other tests include blowing smoke into the bag, closing it, applying pressure to the closed packaging looking for smoke to be pushed out.


Final Thoughts on Can you put Mylar Bags in the Freezer

Mylar bags are a business owner’s and parent’s dream bag, and they provide so much flexibility when it comes to storing foods and other products in them for long and short periods of time.

The bags may not hold up to the freezer temperatures exposed, but when placed inside a cooler-like box and shielded from the harshness, they hold up better.

Mylar bags are better suited for the storage of dry goods, especially when preparing and keeping large amounts of dry beans, rice, potatoes, and other foods.

But, as with any problem, there is a solution, and there are already innovations being tested for the freezer-safe Mylar bag.

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