Do You Need To Put Salt In Mylar Bags?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Salt is one of those substances that will last forever, which makes the Mylar bag a primo pairing for storing this flavorful mineral. Other means of storing salt, specially designed containers and shakers, will be preferable on more minor scales.

If you want to store larger quantities of salt, five-gallon-sized Mylar bags exist and are the type of storage solution you seek.

Stand-alone salt does an excellent job of keeping things preserved, but there will be a need for an oxygen absorber to be in the package to help with any contamination via air or moisture.

A mylar bag - Do You Need To Put Salt In it?

How Long Will Salt Last in Mylar bags?

As mentioned above, salt is a mineral that does not spoil and will last a lifetime but does decompose in the soil. This is why it must be stored in protective containers such as the Mylar bag to prevent contamination or natural decomposition.

With anything being stored in a bag, there is going to be a need for moisture removal and oxidation prevention techniques and technologies to maintain the right conditions for storing the salt.

However, if all of these conditions are taken care of and satisfied, salt can last for long periods.


Does Salt need Oxygen Absorbers in Mylar bags?

There have been a few hints to this, but yes, when storing salt in a Mylar bag, it will be recommended to have a few oxygen absorber packets in there as well.

This has been proven to be the most effective means of preventing oxidation and other spoiling conditions found inside a Mylar bag.

To answer this honestly, no, there is no immediate need for having these packets, and there will be techniques that do not require oxygen absorbers, but the convenience, peace of mind, and consistent results make having these a better choice.


Does Adding Salt Increase Shelf Life?

Certain types of sodium are known to have preservative qualities that will help keep food fresher and from spoiling. As mentioned before in the article, salt can last forever, but there are elements within these salts, such as iodine, that degrade over time.

The wonderful thing about salt is it’s suitable for pickling items but also for preserving meats and slowing down fermentation which can be handy when dealing with dried fruits and vegetables.

Humanity has been salting meats for thousands of years, creating meat jerky before stores.


Does Salt need Oxygen Absorbers in Mylar Bags?

Humanity has been storing and preserving food for generations, using salts on meats and other foods to keep them longer. Salt, as mentioned earlier, does not expire and will not ‘need’ the oxygen absorption packets but would certainly benefit from one.

The truth is that Mylar bags can remarkably shield heat, moisture, and oxidizing elements from the items stored within.

But, unfortunately, this also means that any air or moisture inside will be trapped until opened, which can cause rotting, amongst other things, unless an oxygen absorption packet is allowed in to remove the trapped elements.


Does Salt in Mylar bags prolong the Expiration for some food?

Quick and to the point, yes, salt will inevitably extend the shelf life of most foods stored with it.

Therefore, for some products like Jerky, it would be an intelligent plan to utilize the ability of the salt to preserve the food and the oxygen absorber’s ability to remove any moisture or oxidizing elements from inside the Mylar packaging.

Salt does not help all foods; be sure to know and research the ingredients you will store on the shelf. The sodium product can profoundly affect flavors also. These are just a few heads-up reminders to think about.


Final Thoughts on Do You need to put Salt in my Mylar Bags

Mylar bags have changed the food storage industry by providing a do-it-all solution to the growing snack, prepping, and herbal industries.

The most popular technique companies use today is an oxygen absorption packet to help any and all contents within stay edible and usable.

If you are salting your food, be sure to add one of these packets for extra mental peace of mind, they are one of the rare products that actually perform their function just about one hundred percent of the time.

Just as a reminder to the reader, be sure to be well-informed when storing certain foods; some items are not meant to be stored in this manner.

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