Grove Bags vs. Mylar Bags

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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Just as Mylar bags changed the industry of food storage bags, there was going to be another innovation that would do the same, which is where the grove bag comes into play.

The Grove bag is a specialized type of Mylar bag that allows a certain amount of humidity to enter the bag, usually between fifty-eight and sixty-two percent humidity.

Standard Mylar bags will traditionally have an airtight seal that will also seal out moisture as well as any oxygen or other air particles.

When it comes to issues with the Mylar bag, it usually has to do with the inability to suck all of the air out of the package, requiring oxygen absorbers to ‘seal the deal.’

A silver color mylar bag - Grove Bags vs. Mylar Bags.

What are the Similarities?

To start, both of these bags are made from the space-tech foil developed by Dupont, which has been touted as an incredible insulator but also an amazing food storage solution bag.

In addition, both bags will be able to stand the test of time, and each has the durability to keep dry goods fresh for over fifty-year.

These two products will also offer a nice flexibility when it comes to getting the bags in needed sizes for businesses and homeowners, even different thicknesses, when the situation arises for that level of customization.

When it comes to differences, there will be few and far between.


What are the Differences?

The main difference will be the permeability of the packaging, meaning that the Grove bags have a specialized design that sets them apart from the standard Mylar bag.

In addition, the packaging of a grove bag will have the ability to set the conditions inside the packaging, even so much as to set the humidity levels to between fifty-eight and sixty-two percent.

Standard Mylar backs will not allow any air, especially moisture, to move in or out of the packaging. In addition, the food storage bags are made to prevent any oxidation or biological development inside the package.


Pros and Cons: Grove bags vs. Mylar bags

Mylar bags will have the con of not being as effective as vacuum sealer bags in allowing air to be completely sucked out and having to rely on oxygen absorbers to make the right environment happen.

However, the pro will be the incredible sense of peace of mind when it comes to storing dry goods and trusting the packaging.

The pro for the Grove bags comes from the Cannabis industry, which can regulate their dry goods by using bags that can keep the buds supple instead of dry and crumbling.

Applications range to more than just one industry, but when it comes to the con, the food storage benefits that are normally associated with the Mylar bag become non-existent.


Which one is Easier to Maintain?

Both are made of long-lasting Mylar materials, making them both rather easy to maintain as a simple package.

The difference will come with when the packaging is holding a product, which will make the Grover bags a little more difficult to maintain due to the permeability, which will allow the immediate environment and seasonal elements to affect the contents inside.

The consistency of the standard Mylar bags leaves nothing to doubt, and you know that once sealed inside, nothing outside the packaging can get through to the layers of the product within. This fact gives the edge to Mylar bags in standard form.


Which one Lasts Longer?

As mentioned above, there are going to be certain conditions that will make durability ratings for the grove bag lesser than the standard bag. However, when empty and waiting for utilization, both bags will last for years without losing integrity.

It is when you fill the packaging with contents that the two products become separated by performance, to which the grove design will be better for cannabis-type products, while the standard mylar will be better for dry goods and long-term food storage solutions.

The edge goes to the traditional Mylar bag for consistently reliable results over long periods of time.


Final Thoughts on Grove bags vs Mylar bags

There is nothing that differentiates these two bags more than the ability to allow moisture and humidity into the bags, which is why grove bags are specially designed for the growing cannabis industry.

When you purchase buds from the dispensary, you want your smoke to be slightly moist to know that the buds are fresh. You know the product has aged when they are dry and crumbling.

When it comes to food storage, be sure to use Mylar bags in standard form, and keep in mind that groove bags are designed to help cannabis businesses but can be used to keep snacks moist for a day hike.

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