How Long Are Spaghettios Good For After The Expiration Date?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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If stored in a cool, dark place and in good condition, most canned foods can be eaten for up to six years after their expiration date. These types of products are made to last long, and that’s why the conditions inside can allow them to last much longer.

However, you shouldn’t rely on the calendar. So before opening that long-expired can of Spaghettios, there are a few ground rules you should remember.

Spaghettios on a white plate - How Long Are Spaghettios Good For After The Expiration Date?

Where Do Spagettios Last the Longest?

When canned food is preserved properly, and the can itself is maintained in good shape, it has the potential to remain edible for a very long period. When keeping any kind of canned food, the optimal environment for doing so is one that is cool, dark, and free of humidity. 

Can is able to preserve the inside of the can, but any extreme conditions outside can ruin it. Too much sun and different temperatures outside can quickly ruin it.


How to Tell if It’s Still Edible?

Check for signs of rising air bubbles and any colors that don’t belong. Examine the top of the food for mold and the bottom of the lid for signs of cottony mold growth and any liquid that spurts out of the jar as you open it. 

These should be safe to eat if there is no evidence of this. 


Signs that It Has Gone Bad

It is best to toss out any canned spaghetti that has developed an odd odor, flavor, or look or that has mold growing on it. The smell is always a good indicator that the food has gone bad. 

Bad food gets that weird odor because of the number of bacteria that start collecting the moment you open it. Aside from that, bacterias are also responsible for weird colors that will start to take the surface of spaghettios. 


Risks of Eating Spaghettios after the Expiration Date

It begs the question, then, of whether or not it’s okay to consume canned goods after their designated use-by date. 

While the flavor of canned foods that are past their “best by” date may not be as nice as they were when they were first canned, there is no serious danger to your health from eating them as long as they are still in good shape.

If the spaghettis is not in decent shape, then you would be at risk of poisoning if you still consume them.


Is it Worth Eating?

Suppose they are in bad condition. Definitely not. However, if they have been kept in correct storage and the can hasn’t been damaged, the spaghettios should still be good to eat. 

Although, depending on how far past the expiration date they are, they won’t taste as good. So, it still might not be worth eating them.


Final Thoughts on How Long Are Spaghettios Good For After The Expiration Date

Just like other forms of canned foods, Spaghettios can last long after their printed expiration date as long as they have been kept in the right storage environment and the can hasn’t been damaged. 

However, it is still best to check the condition of the Spaghettios before eating them as they may show signs of going bad.

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