How Long Does Fuel Stabilizer Last Once Opened?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Knowing how gasoline breaks down gives you a better idea of how long your fuel stabilizer will last. Exposure to oxygen causes oxidation of the chemicals that make up gasoline.

Oxidation, in its simplest form, is what happens when oxygen and gasoline come into contact.

Does Fuel Stabilizer Have an Expiration?

An unopened bottle of fuel stabilizer has a five-year shelf life. Once the bottle has been opened, it should be used no later than two years later for optimal results.

If there is no sediment or flakes after two years, you can still use the product to clean your fuel system.


How Should You Store it?

Tightly cap the fuel stabilizer container and keep it in a cool, dry place.


How Can You Tell if Your Fuel Stabilizer Is Expired?

If you have a bottle of gas treatment that you don’t know how old it is, you can tell if it has lost its potency by looking for crystallized flakes stuck to the bottle’s sides and the color of the dye inside.

When the product’s appearance drastically alters, it’s time to replace the fuel storage additive with a new one because the old one is no longer as effective.


What to Do with it Once it’s Expired?

Once the fuel stabilizer is clearly expired to the point, it is unusable, and you should dispose of it and get a fresh one as it will be no good for any engine.


Common Mistakes with Fuel Stabilizer You Need to Avoid

Adding too much fuel stabilizer to your gas has no negative consequences. However, using more stabilizers than necessary usually results in a wasted product, so that should be your main concern.

You can also use a stabilizer to dilute your gasoline, though you’ll need to do so frequently. Except in extreme cases, using a stabilizer to preserve your gas will not alter its consistency or quality.

Many people believe that their fuel supply will last longer by increasing the number of stabilizers in their tanks. That may be a reasonable assumption, but it’s not correct.

So, adding more stabilizers isn’t the answer if you want your gas to last longer. If you must buy something, look for something of higher quality that can be stored for at least two years.


Final Thoughts on How Long Does Fuel Stabilizer Last Once Opened

Although a fuel stabilizer has a long shelf life, it can still expire. Once expired, it will be of no use whatsoever, and you will need to dispose of it and get a new fuel stabilizer for your needs. It’s easy to tell when it’s expired by looking at it and finding crystal flakes.

However, if you store the fuel stabilizer correctly, you won’t have to worry about it going bad for quite some time.

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