How Many Btu In A Candle?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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During the colder months of the year, when people are looking for new ways to keep warm, they are always on the search for new methods. 

There are already heaters available for purchase, but consumers also have a wide variety of alternative options to consider. One such example is the utilization of candles.


What is the Heat Output of a Candle?

Knowing how many power candles are put out might help you decide if they are adequate for a given space. A single candle produces about 75-85 BTUs.

Heat capacity can be measured by its ability to store or release heat. It’s a shockingly small number when talking about candles.

A lit red candle - How Many Btu In A Candle?

Can you Heat a Room with Candles?

If you were to light candles to keep a room warm, how many would you need to light each day? Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this problem. 

Since candles are all roughly the same in terms of their ability to generate heat, the quantity of candles you’ll need depends on how big your room is.


Is it Cheaper to use Candles Than Electricity?

Consequently, do candles save you money compared to using a heater? Unfortunately, “not so much” is the short response.

The initial purchase price of a space heater is high, and that price doesn’t even factor in the unit’s expense. However, candles are not much more affordable.

Candles can range in price from around $1.99 for a votive to $35 for a large pillar candle at a store. You’d need at least 120 every day if you were to plant 20 at a time and then replace them every four hours. There’s also the risk of a fire, so be careful.


How Many Candles can Heat up a Room?

As mentioned before, the answer to this is complicated as it depends on various factors. Twenty candles would have to be used in place of one space heater if you were to try to find an analogy.

It does depend on the size of your candles. A little candle, for instance, has a maximum operating time of only a few hours at the most. However, standard-sized table candles can burn for up to seven hours.

It sounds a little unrealistic to have to replace 20 candles every couple of hours. However, keep in mind that this is just for one room, so do the math to see whether using candles will be cost-effective for you.


How Long Will It Last?

The size of your candles is an important factor here. A little candle, for instance, has a maximum burning time of only a few hours at the most. However, standard-sized table candles can burn for up to seven hours.


Final Thoughts on How Many BTU Is In A Candle

Given everything here, it is not practical to replace the use of electric heaters with candles. To heat up a room, you will need many candles. Besides this, the size of the candles will be a factor to consider when trying to figure out how long they are going to last.

You will need to replace candles every few hours, which will become costly over time. So, it won’t be much cheaper to use candles over a heater and will probably take up quite a bit of time when replacing all the candles needed to heat a single room. 

Overall, it does not seem worth it to replace the method of using a heater with the use of many candles. You also have to consider the high risk of fire when using candles. After all, if you are using many candles to heat a room, that is a lot of open flames.

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