How Many Oxygen Absorbers For A Quart Jar?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Storage bags (like Mylar bags) are flexible enough to mold around food, trapping as much air as possible inside. Because jars are incapable of this, it is crucial to factor in sufficient absorption to account for all the air.

For example, if the jar were empty, you could use sufficient absorption to deoxygenate the contents. With only 200cc of oxygen absorbers needed to preserve a quart, there’s really no excuse not to do this for jars of that size or smaller.

A quart jar on a wooden surface - How Many Oxygen Absorbers For this?

How Many Oxygen Absorbers Should You Use?

You do not need to worry about using too many oxygen absorbers. However, in order to fill a quart jar without worrying about the product going bad due to air exposure, you only need 200cc worth of oxygen absorbers.


Can You Use Too Many Oxygen Absorbers?

Even if you put an excessive amount of oxygen absorbers in the jar, the food won’t be harmed in any way; the absorbers will just sit there, unused.

Although, it is probably wise not to waste too many oxygen absorbers and just fill a jar with an unnecessary amount.


How Can You Tell if You’re Using Too Much?

There is no way to tell if you are using too much, as there isn’t a maximum amount you can use. So nothing really happens when you put more than the necessary amounts, and it’s just a waste of oxygen absorbers.


What Food Can You Have Inside the Jar?

Put an oxygen absorber in any dry, home-packaged food that will be stored for three months or more.

Foods that are dehydrated, herbs, spices, grains, flour, and salt are all included. You shouldn’t put an oxygen absorber into sugar or brown sugar, but you can put them in almost any other dry good.


What foods can not be stored with Oxygen Absorbers?

When preserving foods that have more than 10% moisture, oxygen absorbers should never be used because they can lead to botulism sickness. In addition, nuts, seeds, and whole grains that are high in oil content tend to spoil more quickly.


Final Thoughts on How Many Oxygen Absorbers For A Quart Jar

Although you cannot technically use “too many” oxygen absorbers, you should really only use the required amount. For example, only 200cc of oxygen absorbers are needed to preserve a quart jar, so any more than that would be pointless and wasteful.

You can use oxygen absorbers with herbs, flour, salt, and grains. But you can not use them for anything with more than 10% moisture as it could cause sickness.

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