How Much Rice And Beans Per Person Per Day?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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As funny as this sounds, there are going to be logical reasons for understanding how to ration food sources when needed. The most frequent time for this to happen is on backpacking trips, especially extended seven-plus day excursions with multiple people.

With that context in mind, one pound of dry rice plus one pound of beans provides around three thousand hundred total calories when consumed.

The daily intake needed for a female is two thousand calories, while the need for a male is closer to twenty-five hundred calories daily to maintain weight.

Glass jars of rice, beans, millets etc - How Much Rice And Beans Per Person Per Day?

How to Split it?

There is going to be a ratio in which a person will pack in and then distribute food, thinking about it as if each person will need a pound of dry rice and a pound of beans for each day.

This means that for each day, to provide enough fuel to burn, a person will require around two pounds of food per day.

Being one of the easiest survival foods to pack and prepare, rice and beans have been a go-to for generations of explorers and travelers alike. Depending on the number of members traveling, there will have to be a sensible means of packing the food to provide for everyone.


Should Men Get More than Women?

There is going to be a debatable point when it comes to this question. Men (larger on average) will need more than the two thousand calories in a day to maintain their muscle mass, but a debatable point would be larger women will on occasion need similar amounts of calories as the men.

On the other hand, there will also be smaller, petite men that will not require large amounts of food, possibly even less than an average woman.

To speak about averages, the average man should receive more food than an average woman, but this can be different depending on the individual.


How Many Beans and Rice Should You Store?

If you are a doomsday prepper, most will want to have enough food to last a month or more. This will require about thirty pounds of dry rice and thirty pounds of beans, which will provide the minimum needs for months’ worth.

There will be, of course, other stored canned foods, materials like flour and sugar, and hopefully a source of eggs and milk; to extend the longevity that comes with having available rations that can be renewable or stored indefinitely.

In simple accordance, a pound of dry rice and a pound of beans will be enough for a person per day as far as basic caloric needs are concerned.


How Many Servings are Two Cups of Beans and Rice?

This amount of food will be considered one solid meal or serving for an individual and, depending on the type of beans, will provide between five hundred and seven hundred and fifty calories upon intake.

This is about one-third of the daily needs for the two thousand calories suggested by health experts and nutritionists.

This is where the fun part begins. The bowls and other meal ideas that can be created from these two basic ingredients are innumerable. Almost every culture across the planet has a recipe that has one, if not both, of these ingredients.


How Many cups of Beans and Rice are Needed to Feed Four People?

Let us use a basic double date for an example, and two men need two thousand and five hundred calories a day (this meal will need seven hundred and fifty calories each); then there will also be two women that will require around two thousand calories in a day (this meal will need to have five hundred calories each).

So the simplest answer will be to have about ten cups total of rice and beans to fully satisfy the caloric needs at the table.

Otherwise, the side dishes and additions to the main meal should cover the nutritional needs of the hosts and guests.


Final Thoughts on How much Rice and Beans per Person per Day

There are going to be so many different food recipes that can be made with these two ingredients: talking about beans and rice. Every culture around the globe has a recipe that will freshen up the palate and make things more fun for those eating.

Using this pairing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be full of tasty varieties, including breakfast burritos, and grilled chicken bowls, and for dinner, a rich jambalaya featuring slices of spicy sausage.

The possibilities are as limited as the imagination of the chef; or an influence from a helper, albeit a child or otherwise, lending a creative idea in the kitchen.

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