How To Remove Air From Mylar Bags?

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Depending on the tools available to the individual or business, there will be various ways to remove air from a Mylar bag.

The first time will be before closing the package for good, including rolling techniques for the homeowner and a commercial vacuum sealer for a business.

There will also be certain tricks and techniques to keep air out of the Mylar once the initial seal is made; this can be done using oxygen absorbers designed to remove any moisture or unwanted air from within the packaging for the entirety of its shelf life.

A Mylar bag on a white surface - how can you remove air from it?

What are Your Options?

This will need to be broken down into how a homeowner will approach this and how a business would.

To start, the homeowner will have a few recycling techniques, such as rolling the air out like that when getting the last of the toothpaste from a tube. There will also be vacuum sealers within reason for any at-home needs.

Commercial options will be held to a strict scale, meaning that specialized tools will help a manufacturer package their products to fit within safety regulations.

Then provide solutions well into the section where the items will be on the shelf, in the store, and in the home pantry.


Which Methods Work the Best?

The most effective and widely used procedure starts with vacuum sealing after the product has been loaded into the Mylar bag. This will start the packaging in the right direction by removing the majority of the air within.

This method includes using the oxygen absorbers available today, which will be placed inside along with the product and activated when excess air or moisture is inside the Mylar bag.

Combining the two techniques provides a reliable way of packaging, shipping, shelving, and storing at-home products needed as food sources.


Which Way does it Stay Sealed the Longest?

The techniques used to seal the Mylar have become very effective at creating lasting protection against moisture and oxidation. The most effective way is to heat seal the tip of the Mylar while having a Ziploc seal for reusable purposes.

This process provides an unopened seal that will last the entirety of the product’s shelf life and unto the ‘best used by date,’ but also a reseal capability that will allow the Mylar to provide a seal longer even after the initial seal is broken.

Do not forget the various tools and items that will keep the product inside dehydrated, thus utilizing the seal to maximum effectiveness.


Can You Combine Different Methods?

As mentioned above, it will be in the company’s best interest to utilize multiple sealing techniques to get the best and most effective result.

As a matter of fact, it is going to be highly recommended to become familiar with oxygen absorption technologies when formulating plans for sealing your product in Mylar bags.

Most designs of Mylar have a seal on the lips and a second seal that works even after opening the package, yet even this simple plan will have various styles. The creative solutions will be boundless and be a fun adventure forward.


Common Mistakes you Need to Avoid

There will be times when you will feel rushed, especially in a production-type atmosphere, and most floors will have sharp objects around.

Similarly, the household will have corners and sharp objects also to worry about, which leads to the mistake of punctures in the packaging. There is no effective seal with holes punctured into the Mylar bag.

Another common mistake, which was alluded to earlier, is the allowance of air to be present in the packaging after sealing up the Mylar bag. This is where the oxygen absorber packets come in and help a product stay dehydrated and safe for consumption.


Final Thoughts on How to remove air from Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are an innovative solution for food storage and other packaging needs for companies and homeowners alike.

For those looking into using these for food storage purposes, remember to think about the conditions in the bag as they sit there, keep an oxygen absorber pack ready, and consider changing out packets when checking stored items.

For the best seal, consider having a hot seal on the upper lips of where the packaging opens. Usually, Mylar will have a reusable seal, similar to Ziplocs, in which a double barrier will be created against air and oxidation issues.

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