How To Turn Off A Sterno Can

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Sterno is a brand of alcohol that has been denatured and is marketed in cans with the intention of having the cans themselves be the combustion chamber.

Chafing fuel is most commonly used in the catering sector to heat buffets, in homes to heat fondue pots, and in chafing dishes themselves.

How Do you Extinguish Sterno Gel?

The cap can be used to snuff out the flame. To extinguish Sterno gel in a can, flip the lid over and cover the opening with it. Note that liquid fuels maintain a cooler canister than the gel variety. Thus wait until the canister has cooled before removing it and replacing the cap.


What Can You Use to Turn it Off?

When their fuel runs out, which is usually a little over two hours, they will go out on their own. Before that time comes, you can put out the Sterno flame by covering it with a metal spatula or other noncombustible object that is wider than the flame aperture.

Be sure to wait until the Sterno cans have cooled down considerably before handling them.


Can you Extinguish and Relight Sterno?

The Sterno SpeedHeat HD and other models of the reusable SpeedHeat are commercial-grade, flameless chafing dishes. The SpeedHeat base can be used several times, just like a regular buffet chafer.

The base can be used repeatedly until either it becomes too dirty to clean or it warps and distorts beyond repair.


Safety Tips for Extinguishing Sterno

Canisters of fuel should be allowed to cool completely in their holders before being removed.

Turn off the burner before you try to wash or rearrange the dishes. Put the lid on top of the flame using a large serving spoon or the bottom of a previously extinguished (and cooled) Sterno can.


How Do You Store Partially Used Sterno cans?

Properly storing Sterno requires that it be kept in an environment that is fire-resistant, dry, well-ventilated, between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and separate from any sources of ignition or compounds that are incompatible with it.


Final Thoughts on How To Turn Off A Sterno Can

Sterno cans are easy to use and just as easily turned off. You can safely extinguish the gel by covering the opening with the lid of the can or with metal objects such as a spatula.

Sterno is also safest when stored in a fire-resistant, dry and well-ventilated environment. But always be careful when handling.

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