Mylar Bags vs. Foodsaver Bags

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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For those not privy, Foodsaver and Zip-loc are not the same things and, for the most part, incompatible with each other’s machinery or tech. In addition, these bags are best used for quick, short-term food storage as they allow air to leak into the packaging.

Mylar bags are the leaders in the dry goods and foods’ long-term storage industries, and they provide protection against the sun’s UV and radiation damage while providing a quality seal that keeps moisture and oxygen out.

Not to mention these mylar bags will have durability ratings dwarfing those of the Foodsaver.

A black food saver bag in front of white background - Mylar Bags vs. Foodsaver Bags.

What are the Similarities?

These two food storage bags are designed to protect foods from bacteria and other contamination, each having a way to seal out air and moisture and keep the food edible.

In addition, the two bags will have solutions to remove the air from the inside of the packaging, helping eliminate oxidation issues along with any airborne contaminants.

Both will have transparent options that will allow a person to see what is inside the packaging without having to open it. This will help the two bag types to keep the oxidation process from happening.


What are the Differences?

The main difference between these two food storage options is the vacuum sealing. Foodsaver will have its own set of tools to create a vacuum sealing. Mylar bags have started with simpler forms of sealing the packaging to sufficient standards.

To their designers’ credit, Mylar bags are renowned for their long-term dry goods storage abilities that can last into the tens to dozens of years range.

Foodsaver bags are known for leaking and allowing air in after a few hours, making them more of a food prep option at max overnight storage.

Mylar bags will have an opaque form that will be formidable against the damaging UV and sunlight rays that bombard the planet. Foodsaver will be mainly made from translucent or completely clear materials.


Pros and Cons: Mylar bags vs. Foodsaver bags

The Foodsaver bag is a fast and effective prepper’s tool for quick meals or for large numbers of people, which needs to be chilled, marinated, or allowed to be set for later cooking.

Unfortunately, this quick way of wrapping and protecting food will be only a short-term solution for the most privy. These bags leak after a few hours.

Mylar bags will be the worst at keeping cold foods safe in the freezer, which seems to be one of the rare faults that can be found with these food storage bags.

The pro will be the fantastic long-term dry goods storage abilities, pushing some items to last over fifty years in storage without losing edibility.


Which one is Easier to Maintain?

The Mylar bag is almost indestructible, and the material will not lose integrity from falling from a height or being struck with a blunt object.

Even sharp objects require immense amounts of pressure to produce a puncture, while the Foodsaver bags are easily punctured and will lose structural integrity within a few hours to a day.

If you are going to use the Foodsaver tools, you will need to use the food product quickly and would be better served using it for events such as bake sales, cookie giveaways, sports team snacks, or sandwiches. Then store the left-over baked goods in Mylar bags.


Which One Lasts Longer?

There is hardly a comparison. Mylar bags will be a bag that can last up to more than fifty years, depending on the materials being stored. If these bags are well taken care of, then there will be a reason to believe that they will last for an entire human lifespan.

Foodsaver bags vacuum seals will break down after a few hours or a day. In addition, many reviewers and users have stated that these bags will leak air.

It just seems to be common knowledge. Therefore, we must tip the cap to the Mylar bag for long-term storage durability and unmatched quality.


Final Thoughts on Mylar bags vs. Foodsaver Bags

Now think about the Foodsaver bag as what it is, an excellent quick food storage solution that can make prepping for a party, large event, or other group gatherings that require vast amounts of food easier.

To expect anything more or for it to have any long-term food storage application (at this point in time) is unwise.

Mylar bags will provide everything you will ask for, except for the freezer applications, and will last for dozens of years.

These space material bags have proven that, in the least, these containers will be able to keep dry goods viable for the long term, making preppers and space explorers happy.

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