Mylar Bags vs. Mason Jars

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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These two walk into the club. Duct tape calls them over to the ultimate tools table, and a Swiss army knife calls for the first round.

Mylar bags are the champion in long-term dry goods and food storage, lasting upwards of around fifty-plus years; these bags protect against oxidation, moisture damage, and any UV or sunlight radiation contamination.

The Mason jar provides a plethora of solutions with one jar, which can act as a cup, canning solution, or even a place to put the bacon grease after cooking breakfast. In addition, these jars provide a convenient container and an easy-to-close lid to keep air and moisture out.

A golden brown mylar bag - Mylar Bags vs. Mason Jars.

What are the Similarities?

The similarities start in the food storage arena, where both provide an air-free and moisture-lock seal that keeps food fresh. But, other than both items starting with the letter’ M,’ these two containers have versatility in many different industries and daily activities.

These two versatile objects can also branch out from foods. Mylar bags are used to keep cannabis plants fresh for customers, but so are Mason Jars. Each has the best ability to keep air away from the products they are protecting.

Another similarity, not the least, will be their ability to be reused; with a quick clean, these two items will have the durability to be used more than once.


What are the Differences?

The most contrasting differences will be the shape of the products and the materials they are made with. For example, Mason jars are made with glass, accompanied by a thin metal lid fitted with a plastic seal gasket, and come in cylindrical jars of different shapes.

Mylar bags are uniform in overall shape, but rectangular fits most, and are made from thin metal and some plastics. Mylar bags are the best at drying goods and food storage, while Mason jars will be better suited for wet foods like jellies and soups.

The last comparison will be durability. Glass shatters from long falls and blunt force trauma, while the mylar materials’ flexibility makes it shatterproof and nearly puncture-proof.


Pros & Cons: Mylar Bags vs. Mason Jars

The con for the Mason jars will be the susceptibility to breakage and shattering, making them a storage shelf unit with limited mobility.

On the other hand, the pro will be an incredible utility for liquids, providing a cup to drink from but also as a place to keep soup and other similar leftovers.

The disadvantage of Mylar bags will be their limitations when storing food in colder environments, such as the freezer. The pro is the overwhelming utility of a thin, almost weightless material that can keep dry foods safe for years at a time.


Which One is Easier to Maintain?

These two items can last about as long as your cast iron pans a lifetime. However, to make a choice, we have to go into the durability of both the Mason jar and the Mylar bag.

Mylar bags can handle blunt force trauma, fall from tall heights, and withstand most punctures, making these products almost indestructible.

Mason jars are made of timeless glass, which time has little effect on the integrity of, but these objects are vulnerable to breakage and shattering if not safely kept in storage.

So this one element right here will be the difference, making the Mylar bag easier to maintain and take care of overall.


Which One Lasts Longer?

As mentioned in the section before this one, both items can last a human lifetime. Mylar bags are designed to withstand just about anything that is thrown at them, keeping food for decades at a time.

Mason jars can also keep food for a long term, even in the freezer, if need be. So these immortals of the container’s world are the products we expect to purchase, designed to last.

The only difference that could impact the longevity of either product would be breakage, meaning that Mason jars would more likely break if we think about probabilities and risk factors.


Final Thoughts on Mylar bags vs Mason Jars 

These two items are the champions of the food storage industry. Mason jars handle wet foods and liquids with ease, as the Mylar bags, and quickly take the leadership position in the dry goods and food storage market.

The space age material bag and the ultimate liquid glass wear have become the staple in the prepper’s handbook.

These two items might be more valuable than bullets in a survival situation. Neither of these products will let you down when it comes to their storage utility, but they also will last your lifetime if taken care of and stored properly in a safe place.

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