Mylar Bags vs. Vacuum Sealing

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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For those that thought these two bags were the same, surprise, they aren’t. Vacuum-sealing bags have a special texture that coats the inside, which is designed to allow air to be sucked out even as the bag closes up.

Mylar bags will be smooth on the inside and are not typically designed to have the air sucked out, and most will ‘pinch’ the air out and use accessories, like oxygen absorbers, to take care of the moisture and air in the bag.

Each has earned a reputation for keeping food in good condition, and Mylar has become the leader in long-term food storage products.

A white mylar bag - Mylar Bags vs. Vacuum Sealing.

What are the Similarities?

The main similarities relate to these bags’ abilities to preserve foods by keeping air and moisture away from the product. In addition, both bags are made with lightweight, relatively inexpensive materials, especially when used in a ‘needs-only’ manner.

Beyond the basic and obvious similarities, these bags do not have much in common, and there will be the pair’s ability to work with certain vacuum sealers to draw out all the air in the package.

Unfortunately, not all models of vacuum sealers work with Mylar, but there are solutions within that.


What are the Differences?

With the similarities out of the way, the differences will be more apparent; for instance, there will be only a short-term food storage solution when using the vacuum sealer bags alone, while the Mylar bag is the champion in long-term food storage solutions.

Also, when it comes to the inside textures, Mylar bags are smooth, while the vacuum sealer bags will have specialized features that allow the vacuum to get all of the air out of the package.

Another difference is UV protection, and Mylar has opaque options that will shield products from any sunlight radiation or UV damage. Finally, the Vacuum sealer bag was a quick band-aid to a product that popped onto the scene.


Pros & Cons: Mylar bags vs. Vacuum sealing

When it comes to the con of the vacuum sealing bags, it would be their inability to store foods for longer than a few days or as a food prep option.

The pro is the simplicity of taking out all the air from inside the package quickly and efficiently, an amazing solution for food trucks and small cooking operations.

One pro for Mylar is its industry-leading ability to store foods for longer and dry goods for dozens of years. No matter what, the con always seems to be some excess air left over in the bags after sealing the package up.


Which One is Easier to Maintain?

The Vacuum sealer bags are more for those in need of a quick overnight food storage solution. The convenience of preparing large amounts of food for the next day is easy to use and very easy to maintain.

Mylar bags are just amazing when it comes to maintenance. They are hard to puncture and incredibly convenient for long-term food storage and disaster prepping.

The difference will be in the long term. Vacuum sealer bags will only be durable long enough to handle a few days of storage, which will make taking care of the Mylar bags all the easier, in comparison.


Which one Lasts Longer?

As mentioned earlier in the article, vacuum sealer bags are more of a short-term solution, while Mylar bags are the champions of long-term food storage and other products as well.

Some in the industry consider Mylar bags indestructible. In some cases, they will be able to last up to fifty-plus years in storage.

There really is no comparison between the two, as Mylar has filled the void needed by the short-term vacuum sealer bags and the fragile Zip-lock bags.


Final Thoughts on Mylar Bags vs. Vacuum Sealing

The Mylar bag is changing the world by creating a solution for nearly all long-term storage and prepping needs. You can store dry goods, foods, and even plant materials (seeds) to be used at a future date; the bags have been proven to keep things for decades at a time.

One solution not mentioned will be placing the sealer bag inside the Mylar. If you have some messy foods or other items that could use some of those long-term storage benefits from the Mylar bags, think about this idea.

Moving forward, think of Mylar bags for dry food storage, vacuum sealer bags for food prepping, and overnight food storage solutions. The next solution will be in the freezer, a cold section of the food industry, polar mylar bags are just around the corner.

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