Mylar Sleeping bag Review

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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When NASA and space agencies were looking for a solution to the solar damage suffered by ships, equipment, and the people going out into and staying in space. 

Mylar is the solution that is not only shielded from the harmful radiation and Ultraviolet rays from the sun but also has an unexpected ability to retain a high percentage of body heat and minimize any heat loss. 

Perfect material for an emergency blanket or extreme weather sleeping bag for polar and higher alpine environments. The emergency survival Mylar sleeping bag was designed to protect people from the dangers of hypothermia and frostbite in some outdoor situations. 


What are the Pros of Mylar Sleeping Bags?

When it comes to these emergency sleeping bags, or space sleeping bags, will be the ninety percent body heat retention percentage; this will be felt in energy levels because of the lowered demand on needed body heat production when sleeping. 

When it comes to backpackers’ or explorers’ packed items, the lightweight nature of the Mylar materials will be a perfect fixture when considering the utility the sleeping bag provides. 

Similar to the convenience of the lightweight nature of Mylar, the ability of these sleeping bags to fold up into small packaging provides a space-friendly backpacking option. 


What are the Cons?

This might not be an issue for everyone, but those that are hunters will know the undesirable nature of reflective materials when out on a hunt. 

Most animals will react to this reflective material with caution, starting them in most situations; this will apply to the photographic hunter, especially those looking for a different kind of shot, not just the meat provider outdoorsman. 

These sleeping bags will not be a desirable option in the hotter months, as the temperatures will ask for more permeable and breathable materials to help stay cool on those warmer nights. 


Where are Mylar Sleeping Bags Manufactured?

The Mylar Fabric and materials have been produced and manufactured by the Dupont Teijin Films (DTF) companies for more than sixty years. 

However, there are other companies located across the United States. Below is a list of some of these producers:

  • Autronic Plastics, Inc. – Central Islip, NY
  • Classics Acrylics – Elk River, MN
  • Elmgrove Technologies – Rochester, NY
  • Flower Power Packages – El Segundo, CA
  • Jarrett Industries, Inc. – Owings Mills, MD
  • MCM Composites, LLC – Manitowoc, WI
  • New Process Fibre Company, Inc. – Greenwood, DE
  • Prairie State Group – Franklin Park, IL
  • Protective Packaging Corp. – Carrollton, Tx
  • Thermal Plastic Design, Inc. – Saint Croix Falls, WI
  • Wallaby Goods – California


Where Can You Buy it?

There are many outlets for purchasing Mylar products, including most outdoors retail stores. 

In addition, online shopping offers many options, including major outdoor retail stores like REI or Cabela’s and Sheel’s stores, online auction sites like eBay, online retail stores like Walmart and Sears, along with online marketplaces like 

The nice thing about these products is their availability, and it has become a staple emergency response piece of equipment for all serious backpacking enthusiasts and other outdoors folk. 

To be plain, it is not difficult to locate these sleeping bags because of the demand for these safety bags. 


Do These Bags have Quality?

There are hardly any complaints when it comes to these emergency mylar sleeping bags. Mylar is an almost indestructible material providing the best puncture-prevention protection but also requires immense amounts of heat to burn or be melted. 

However, these bags provide ninety percent body heat retention percentage along with protection from the sun’s harmful radiation and UV rays, which can be key in helping someone regulate the body temperature when in an outdoor emergency situation. 

For the most part, these bags are not expensive and can be used repeatedly, should the occasion arise for multiple uses. 

As a final note, Mylar is non-biodegradable, which offers the convenience of use in the dirt for long periods of time without fear of decomposing underneath the injured or unhealthy party.  


Final Thoughts on Mylar Sleeping Bag Review

When it comes to the final moments between life and death, these Mylar emergency sleeping bags have been there and made a difference. 

As an outdoors enthusiast, along with many others, finding space for these emergency bags in your pack or camp is recommended. 

NASA created a product that could be used in the harshest of environments space, and other planets have to offer.

In doing so, they also made the perfect emergency sleeping blanket for those harsh conditions found here on Earth. 

Even considering using these bags as an addition to your current sleeping bag arrangement, could provide a means of conserving energy when out on backpacking or a camping wilderness adventure. 


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