Phones That Can’t Be Tracked

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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In a good mystery crime story, there is the element of having cell phones that cannot be tracked for the bad guys to conduct business without the authorities knowing.

This can be accomplished realistically with cash-bought prepaid phones, where there are only essential call services and no data capabilities.

Otherwise, there are going to be specific settings that can be changed to limit the amount of tracking done on your personal or business smartphone.

Androids will require at least a general area tracing to work properly, and Apple will have a feature you can turn off. Not to mention, there is always “airplane mode.”

An old white Nokia phone held by hand - Phones That Can’t Be Tracked.

Which Phone is Most Private?

The most private phone a person can use is a simple cell phone that only has limited features, for example, only talk capabilities.

These prepaid, simple phones will not have the data trackers, google-like search engine timelines, or the major carrier/provider tracing programs that watch smartphones day and night.

After that, Androids will all have limited tracking without professional customizations, which makes the iPhone the more private option with its privacy features that will give a user the ability to turn to trace on and off according to need.

Consider a VPN for any other privacy needs.


Can Any Phone be Made Untraceable?

Yes, this is as easy as turning on Airplane mode; there will be specific customizations that the smartest of IT professionals can make but nothing on the public market. Another simpler option is to turn off location-based services and GPS data-sharing features.

Apple brand iPhones will have a feature that turns off GPS and other tracking features; in contrast, the Android will need to have certain apps and other changes made to make the phone ‘untraceable.’

The best bet to remain untraceable is to have a prepaid burn phone replaced regularly.


Can a Phone which is not a Smartphone be Tracked?

As mentioned earlier in this article, there will be prepaid simple tech cell phones that can be tracked or GPS located as quickly as smartphones with Data technology.

However, if you are savvy, the greenscreen Nokia bricks from the late nineties and early two thousand is the exact sort of cell phone that will not have the tracing or trackable features of today.

Smartphones require either data or Wi-Fi internet connections to function at one hundred percent and allow all the applications to work correctly. These devices will also have GPS features that will be the primary source of tracking information.


Can Someone Track your Phone if it’s Off?

IT professionals will have specific techniques that can neutralize the data or GPS location trackers. There will also be specific models (Apple) that will have settings that can, in effect, remove all tracer features on the phone itself.

That being said, those same features will allow a person to track the same smartphones with a “lost iPhone” or Android equivalent.

The applications will have the ability to find, at least, the last known location where the phone can be recovered, even when the device is turned off in most cases.

To secure your phone from being tracked, one must create additional security protocols outside of the simple settings, which might require an anti-malware app or other security applications.


What is a Ghost Phone?

The fun urban dictionary definition says this occurs when you press buttons on a touch screen, but there is no response, no matter the stimuli.

The actual terminology refers to untraceable phones with numbers that borrow local area codes and are physically location-less. Companies will use these types of phones to affect the credibility of a local number.

There is, of course, the criminal vs. detective writer’s dream element, a phone that cannot be traced and has the ability to call anywhere with a local area code attached to a ghost number.

Then you have the secret agents that utilize the same tactics abroad, collecting intelligence on the world’s superpowers and influential organizations.


Final Thoughts on Phones that can’t be Tracked

The evolution of the cell phone has become a social interaction and society changer; everyday business and life are now being coordinated and organized with the usage of smartphones and the applications they provide.

This can be a helpful tool for you and the person attempting to steal your identity.

The important thing is to find appropriate levels of security when it comes to your personal and professional information on your smart devices and online available gadgets and storage equipment.

Take time to find applications that allow you to control who knows your device’s location but allow you to track your phone.

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