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Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Gardening journals are great for those who are looking to document their garden. However, for those with the Spider Farmer SF 1000, you might be looking for exactly how much of a difference the device makes in your plant’s development.

Here we will discuss everything you need to know to begin a grow journal for your plants. Including when to start it, how to start it, what to document, and more!

Indoor farming and LED lights - Spider Farmer SF1000 Grow Journal

How to Start with Spider Farmer SF 1000 Grow Journal?

Start your journal by finding a place to begin. For example, is this a journal that can be saved on your electronic device? Or are you documenting everything by hand? Once you’ve determined how you plan on beginning your journal, move to the next step.

Identify a list of contents; what essential things will you be documenting? Create a list of these, and this will also determine your devotion to tracking your plant’s development and exactly how much time you want to be putting into it.


What Essential Things Do You Need to Write into a Spider Farmer SF 1000 grow journal? 

While there are many important things to track, we’ve enlisted vital things you’ll need to write in your journal. Of course, this will vary depending on your goals for your grow journal. See the list below.

  • Enlist the plants that have worked best with the SF 1000 model to determine your ultimate food source.
  • Write down daily, weekly, or even monthly observations depending on how devoted you are to tracking your plant’s development. 
  • Log dates, when you began your seeds, when the plant has fully matured, and every stage in-between.


It’s also worth taking photos of your plant’s development over time and labeling those photos with dates to place in your journal. Another method to try would be to sketch your plants as they grow. This, however, is for those aspiring artists out there!


When Should You Start with the Spider Farmer SF 1000 Grow Journal?

Begin your journal when you decide to start growing plants with your SF 1000 model. Since this device is made for indoor use, it does not matter the season you begin as long as you start your journal when your seeds have been planted.

Allow the ability to add in extra pages for the different plants you plan on raising during that time or in the foreseeable future. It’s recommended to begin a new grow journal every year for all the other plants you plan on raising. 


Where do you keep the Spider Farmer SF 1000 grow journal?

Where you keep the journal depends on what you’ve chosen to utilize in beginning the journal; if it’s online, keep it in sync with the cloud to access it through all platforms at any time. 

On the other hand, if the journal is physical, listed below are some excellent places to keep it.

  • In your office or area where you keep other books or private files. 
  • In the area where you’ve set up your grow room, here you’re less likely to misplace it.
  • In the garden shed or anywhere, it will be protected from the elements.


For how long should you keep the Spider Farmer SF 1000 grow journal?

Keep journaling for as long as you desire. No time poses a time to stop, for it also makes a good hobby! If you’ve finished your journal and are trying to decide if you should keep it or how long you should keep it, think again.

These journals can be recycled and passed down to people who don’t hold the information you already know. So share your grow journal with the Spider Farmer SF 1000 model owners community to widen the knowledge platform for everyone. 


Final Thoughts on the Spider Farmer SF 1000 Grow Journal

Begin your grow journal with a list of contents that you want to be tracking. These could include rates of development, grow, and other measurements like so. Begin a new journal at the beginning of every year or every cycle in which you grow your plants.

Keep your grow journal in a safe space where it’s easy to access and not hidden from the eye. If it’s out of sight, it will be out of mind. So keep the journal until you’re ready to get rid of it, and pass it down to someone who can utilize the information you’ve gathered.


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