Spider Farmer SF1000 vs. SF1000D

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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The Spider Farmer SF 1000 and the Spider Farmer SF 1000D are both used to assist in growing crops or any other plants you might be interested in developing most efficiently. In addition, these are outstanding devices for those who are preparing for doomsday.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know regarding comparing these devices to help you decide which one will work better. These devices are a good investment when you are looking to cultivate your food source.

Indoor farming LED lights over an indoor farm - Spider Farmer SF1000 vs. SF1000D

What’s the Difference Between the Spider Farmer SF 1000 vs. SF 1000D?

The first difference you’ll notice between these two is the price. The SF 1000 model is the most expensive, ranging at around $160 USD. With the SF 1000D model coming in at a significantly lower price of $90 USD – are they that different?

These two models will hold differences in efficacy, drivers, and chips. The SF 1000D model also lacks the dimming box that the SF 1000 model contains, but that feature seems to be nothing more than an extra luxury feature.


What is Similar Between the Two?

The SF 1000 model and the SF 1000D model hold similarities in the spectrum and noise level. Both the models have a full spectrum. These lights are said to improve the quality of the crops/plants and the flavors.

Both of these models also produce little to no noise, making them perfect for those smaller spaces you may be creating for your plants/crops. These models will help you create a food source quietly, in a stealthy way.


Spider Farmer SF 1000 vs. SF 1000D: Which one has Better Reviews?

While both of these models have outstanding reviews, it’s hard to contemplate exactly which one has better views. This is because the SF 1000 model has far more reviews than the SF 1000D model. However, 96 percent or more of these reviews are ranked 5-stars.

The remaining 3 percent of these reviews that are not ranked 5-stars are for the SF 1000 model (32 reviews total). This portion of the reviews also has a rank of 4-stars. The SF 1000D model’s (14 reviews total) reviews are all ranked at 5-stars. 

Note that the information listed above is directly from the seller’s website and is not collected from any other online shopping outlet.


Spider Farmer SF 1000 vs. SF 1000D: Which one is Sold More?

When investing in a device like this, many want to get their money’s worth. Considering the SF 1000D model lacks the features that bring the device to its fullest potential, it’s indeed the SF 1000 model with more selling rates.

It shows that those luxury dimming features on the SF 1000 model are worth the extra $70 USD for many. 


Essential Things you Need to Know While you’re Choosing Between the Spider Farmer SF 1000 vs. SF 1000D

There are so many essential things you need to consider when you are choosing between these two models. Listed below are a few of these factors to take into consideration.

  • For the space you have available for the device, inquire through a size guide to get the perfect fit.
  • Your budget, while the SF 1000 model may seem ideal, it’s the SF 1000D model that’s made to be more budget-friendly for those not looking to spend over $100 USD.
  • Determine the long-term usage of this device, how long you plan on using it, and when you plan on using it.


You’re Choosing Between Spider Farmer SF 1000 vs. SF 1000D

Suppose money is not an issue for you when investing in this device. Then, it’s recommended to purchase the SF 1000 model for the entire growth experience. This model has higher efficiency, a mean-well driver, and a Samsung LM301B chip.

However, if you have a tighter budget for this investment, the SF1000D might be ideal for you. The lower price may come without the cost of those extra luxury features, but it doesn’t stop the device from doing the job it was created for.


Final Thoughts on Spider Farmer SF 1000 vs. SF 1000D

The main differences between the SF 1000 model and the SF 1000D model are the price difference and their main features. However, they do have similarities in the spectrum and noise levels. 

Both of these models have similar reviews, although it appears that the SF 1000 model is indeed the one with more sales. When choosing which model you’d like to invest in, you must consider your budget, the size of your space, and how long you plan on using it.


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