How To Store Meat Long-Term Without Refrigeration? Must Know Skill

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Not only is there a variety of different meats to choose from, but also a variety of ways to store those meats without refrigeration. Storing your meat properly without refrigeration can not only improve its lifespan – but also preserve flavors and improve texture. 

If you are new to prepping meat for when SHTF – you’re probably wondering how in the world we can keep foods like this intact for longer periods of time. 

Here we will talk all about what you need, how to store it, and what kind of meats last the longest without refrigeration. So let’s jump into it!

Raw steak on wooden surface - how to store them long-term without refrigeration

What supplies do I need for unrefrigerated long-term meat storage?

There are many ways to store long-term meat without a refrigerator or other cooling device. Sure we can purchase canned meats like chicken or tuna, but a more popular method of preserving your own meat would be a process called curing meat. 

Curing meat is a food preservation process that increases the shelf life by using curing salts, lime, vinegar, and time. Not only can meat be cured, but vegetables and fish as well. So let’s talk about how we can properly cure the meat to ensure reliable preservation.


How to properly store meat long-term without refrigeration?

To cure meat for long-term storage, there’s a long, seemingly tedious process to follow, and it all begins with a piece of fresh meat that is not frozen. First, cover the meat in sea salt or any curing salts you may have and remove any bones that may be present. 

Next, refrigerate the meat to an approximate temperature of anything below 41 degrees F. For every two pounds of meat, add one extra day of curing to that portion of meat. After rinsing the meat off with water, hang it to dry in the sun.


What meats last the longest without refrigeration?

While every type of meat has its own lifespan after the curing process, we can expect those will come to an end within time. 

However, it’s important to note that if the meat is cured properly and then sealed properly, you could very much keep the meat good for longer periods of time – but what meat lasts the longest? 

Pancetta is meat taken from pork belly and is almost always salt-cured. The pancetta will last the longest when kept in its packaging – for up to a year-long without refrigeration. 

We recommend looking into sealed shelf-safe pancetta if you are not making your own cured meat.


Final thoughts on storing meat long-term without refrigeration?

When searching for supplies to cure meat long-term, the most important thing to look for is sea salt or even a salt specifically for curing meat. 

After obtaining your curing salts, follow the specific process for curing to preserve the meats or vegetables. Meat that is known to have the longest shelf life is Pancetta, a cut taken from a pork belly and is commonly known to be a slice of good meat for curing.


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