The Nova P50 Flashlight Review

Last Updated on July 17th, 2023

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Lone Survivalist’s Nova P50 is promoted as “the world’s first High-Intensity Survival Flashlight created with ELITE Survivalists in mind.” But is it really as great as they claim it to be?


Does it Have Quality?

Lone Survivalist’s Nova P50 flashlight has been shown to be very efficient and useful. But others have come to notice that the overall quality is lacking.

For example, the Tungsten Point found at the end of Nova is advertised as a glass breaker that is used with a “simple tap.”

However, users have found that it requires a lot more than a simple tap to break any kind of glass, which is disappointing, as this is supposed to be a survival tool.

Along with that example, there are other features the promotions boast about that do not actually work most of the time.

What are its Best Features?

The best features of the Nova P50 Flashlight include the following:

  • Forever Fire Starter
  • Solar Power Substation
  • Glass Breaking Tip
  • Forever Charging USB Port
  • XHP50 Powered Beam


How Much Does it Cost?

The Nova P50 Flashlight has been sold on the Lone Survivalist website at prices as high as $150 but has been on sale for $99. Although, online shoppers may find a better deal on eBay or Amazon at prices as low as $70.


How Many Lumens is the Nova P50 Flashlight?

However, while the P50 boasts 1000 lumens, the inefficiency of its zoomie design means it’s more like 500.

As a result, the beam contains only the light that really enters the lens. When light enters the head, it is converted to heat. Therefore, as you increase the magnification of the flashlight, its brightness will decrease.

If accurate, that claim of 1,000 lumens is the maximum possible brightness of the LED in theory. Depending on the degree of magnification, the lens’s real output will be significantly lower.


How Do You Charge Nova P50 Flashlight?

The sealed lithium battery inside the flashlight cannot be removed for charging. So it’s not worth risking the flashlight’s functionality by trying to swap out the battery.

A red light indicates that the battery needs charging when the voltage drops below 3.2V.

Connect the smaller head of the USB cable to the port on the flashlight.

Connect the larger head of the USB cable to a powered USB port of a device or plug.

When the light turns green, the flashlight is fully charged, and you may unplug it.


Final Thoughts on The Nova P50 Flashlight Review

While the idea behind the Nova P50 Flashlight is a good one, and Lone Survivalist had the best intentions for creating it, the fact of the matter is that it has been proven to not work as it should.

Yes, there are many cases where the flashlight has worked perfectly for consumers, and few problems have been found. But as a survival tool, it would be better that it worked as well for everyone who may need it.

Even if it worked correctly 100% of the time, $150 is a bit steep for a flashlight. Even with all the features, it just seems a bit much. However, the sale for $99 is more reasonable than the original price.

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