Wallaby Mylar Bag Review

Last Updated on July 13th, 2023

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Many who are privy know that Mylar offers sunlight and UV ray protection, has air and water-tight seals and layering, and is made with BPA-free food-grade materials. Wallaby Mylar bags are no exception. 

In addition, these products from Wallaby Goods are highly rated, with reviews hardly dropping below the four-point-five-star mark. 

Foods such as dry beans, cereals, and other grains can last up to thirty-plus years when stored correctly; which can look like a Wallaby Mylar bag stored in a multi-gallon bucket, placed in a safe and dry storage space, and checked on periodically. 

These bags will be capable of being heat sealed and are made with eco-friendly, recyclable materials. 

What are the Pros of Wallaby Mylar Bags?

The major benefits of the Wallaby Goods product would be the diversity of the various mylar bag dimensions, sizes, and material thicknesses. In addition, these Mylar bags will be made with BPA-free materials and are eco-friendly in terms of longevity and recyclability. 

Another benefit of the Wallaby Mylar Bags is the way the packages fit inside five-gallon buckets. This convenience allows for safer storage practices that lead to longer shelf lives of most basic grains and dry foods. 

One last benefit will be the ease with which a person can heat seal their bags, providing a higher quality seal for longer-term food and dry goods storage. 


What are the Cons?

Mylar is made up of molten polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Manufacturing these thin film materials requires machinery to extrude the melted plastic into a sheet along a cooling conveyor belt. 

These processes can potentially release poisonous fumes, but the larger problem would be how polyethylene terephthalate is produced. 

The last issue will be the non-biodegradable nature of Mylar bags. When down to the last use, these products will not compost and could become a permanent feature at a landfill. 

If not recycled and just thrown away, these bags as litter can be a real problem for wildlife and plant life and could become a hazard in unexpected ways.  


Where are Wallaby Mylar Bags Manufactured?

According to Wallaby Goods, their Mylar bags are manufactured and engineered in the United States, and the company is based in California. 

This would only be the beginning of the journey to knowing where the materials used to produce these bags are manufactured. Most of the chemicals are engineered off-site. 

One of the more prominent producers of Mylar polyester film is the DuPont company. More specifically, the DuPont Teijin Films (DTF) group historically comes from the Virginia region of the United States and has become a global leader in Mylar bag production. 


Where Can You Buy it?

This is the easy part, and Wallaby Mylar bags can be found on eBay auction sites, Sears and Walmart Retail outlets and online stores, and Amazon online marketplace web pages, but also directly from the company themselves or for continental US customers. 

Prep SOS.com offers reasonable accommodations. Prices will vary depending on your location, be sure to do a little research to find a price that fits your budgetary needs. 

Just as a reminder, the company is based off the western Pacific coast and will take time for any Eastern seaboard cities, Midwestern destinations, and international locations.  


Do these Bags have Quality?

When it comes to the quality of these bags, there is no doubt that the Wallaby Mylar bag will perform at or above the expectations that come with the Mylar materials reputation. 

In addition, these products provide longer-term storage durability, including solar and UV ray protection and a lasting seal against air and moisture damage. 

Even more, speaking to the quality of the product, the Wallaby Mylar bag was designed with the intention of fitting in the standard five-gallon buckets you find at most hardware stores. 

As a result, this company has created a satisfactory product to fit most business and family food and dry goods storage needs. 


Final Thoughts on Wallaby Mylar Bag review

When it comes to the Mylar bag, the Wallaby Good product does not disappoint. 

Even more of a convenience, the company web page provides video instructions and informational films to help educate the consumer and public about the uses and proper practices when storing dry foods and goods. 

The ease with which these bags fit inside the five-gallon buckets makes this one of those products that just fits into the daily storage needs of families, smaller food-oriented businesses, and dry goods stores, and that is only to name a few as an example.  


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